May 2012: Life after the Resurrection...

The world was changed for ever when Jesus rose again. Even if you don’t believe it really happened, you can’t deny that the world was changed anyway - too much of present-day Western civilisation is based on Christian principles.

But our civilisation is changing rapidly, and the church at large seems to have been left behind. Instead of making change, Christianity is left playing catch-up. For the church in the first century after Jesus, this would have been unthinkable! The world had changed for them too - faith in a risen Lord had seen to that - and they had to work out what it all meant for their time. That’s our job too, for our time!

Love for God, love for each other,
made real because of Jesus our Risen King.

Does this love change your world?

Does this love change you?

Does it flow through you, like streams of living water?

Does it shine out, like the rising sun?

Let us walk towards the Cross in God’s light,
and change the world again!

Parkdale Church of Christ 2012-18 —A community of faith, hope and compassion.