January 2013:New Year: Time to think…

Christmas is over, and once again so much that we hear and see in the news is negative. Bad news is corrosive: if all we hear is bad news, our hope and generosity are eaten away, and we become defensive of what is ours. Yet bad news is (almost) all we hear, since good news doesn't so easily draw an audience, and without the audience, the advertisers won't pay.

When Christians are in the news, it is therefore highly likely that it will be bad news, and all the Churches will look bad, in spite of all the unmeasured, unreported good that is done by most Christians. Too often, we hear about what Christians are against; I long to have what we are forlived out and reported well.

An open, supportive community with beneficial values to live by makes a huge difference in life, especially during the hard times. These are signs that people are listening to what Jesus was for. Even better than these is the core message: you can stop worrying about getting ahead, about your things getting out of date or unfashionable, and about what other people think of you - because Jesus was foryou. You are acceptable, even if nobody else likes you. And this positive message is the good news you should be hearing from Christians, those who follow Jesus. It won't make the media, but it is good news even so.

Thinking Candle

So now, this New Year, take time to think… watch a candle flickering, or the stars at night, or the waves on the beach, and look at your life...

- if you are not a Christian, but your life isn't satisfying you, is there a different way of life to try?

- if you are a Christian, do you truly tell people good news? Or do you tell them bad news instead?

Take the time to listen…

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